GeroVital Prescription Titanium
  New 12% Procaine Skin Treatment Against Aging
"So strong and efficient that a prescription is required in some countries"

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The New GeroVital Skin Clinical Treatment

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Introducing the New GeroVital Titanium Prescription
High Procaine Skin Treatment

Based on the Romanian discovery of Dr. Ana Aslan, a team of  French MD including the Dr. Marie-Claude Ferru, Dr. Guy Ferru and Elizabeth Thomas a beautician coming from the industry leaders have developed extremely strong Anti-Aging face treatment; The GeroVital Prescription Skin Treatment.  This Scientific breakthrough was presented in Las Vegas to 7000+ Doctors (MD)  at the XV International Congress of the American Academy of Anti-Age Medicine on December 12, 2007.

Why Prescription?  Because in some countries, because of its efficiency, this Procaine based cream requires a prescription. (our doctors will provide it if necessary). To the huge 12% Procaine we added natural products (Evening Primrose, Calendula and the fantastic Indian herb Gotu Kola-Centella-Asiatica) & the important Vitamin C. Moreover to avoid contamination by germs and oxidants our cream is in an airless tube with pump, which guarantees the right dosage and a  safe conservation. Our airless tube are presented in a distinctive and elegant organza pouch.We want to share with you this incredible progress at   US $150. As it is extremely active you will also benefit from personalized advice and recommendations from our beautician and doctors through Skype and restricted E-mails addresses. To benefit from this heavily discounted price, we require that you communicate to us your judgment of our GeroVital Prescription and that we may published it, while guaranteeing your privacy. We guarantee 100% satisfaction (money back for one full month).

DHEA Molecule 30 Ml Airless Tube GeroVital Prescription High Procaine Concentration Cream

Simply the most efficient treatment to firm your skin, erase wrinkles and lines. With 12% Hydrochlorate of Procaine! The cream, because of the rare Indian herbs,  is slightly brownish in the jar but at the skin contact turns into a white emulsion. Very quickly you will feel the action of this dermatological and therapeutic  treatment. Do not put it close to the eyes. Our Beauticians/ Doctors will be always at your service for further counsel. Because of its strength and natural ingredients the GeroVital Prescription  may be kept in the refrigerator.
There is no counter-indication except allergy to Procaine.

The Protocol for this treatment is: Apply small quantity of the GeroVital Prescription on the face and the neck every night for two months (each tube lasts one month). The third month apply the GeroVital GH3 anti-wrinkles face cream or your usual night cosmetic. It  is recommended to do this protocol twice a year.

Our Price: $ 150 + S&H (at cost)



 Ultimate Anti-Aging Combination
 Take Care of Your Skin and Your Metabolism!
GeroVital Prescription Cream + GeroVital H3 Anti-Aging Tablets*:$ 172

GeroVital Prescription + Tablets
Buy It Now!

Used by stars and Head of States the Anti-Aging Tablets GeroVital H3 , based also on Procaine,  act on the metabolism and the creation of new cells. Please download the 57 pages of Scientific studies on the efficiency of GeroVital. It is an efficient one month treatment.

We understand that 150 US dollars is an important amount of money. It is a huge amount for Romanians!  However look at the $600 for Révive® "serum",the $500 for La Mere® "essence", $500 for Kanebo® "essence", the $450 "Daily line" Sisley® or the $350 for la Prairie® "caviar". They are nice cosmetics lines, while the GeroVital Prescription is clinically proven therapeutic skin  treatment prescribed by anti-aging doctors/MD. Remember it was the subject of a scientific presentation at the XV International Congress of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in Las Vegas in December 2007.

We offer, you after your purchase, a constant supervision of our medical and beauty professionals. You may contact them anytime at:

You know the seriousness and quality of Romanian GeroVital for more than 40 years, therefore we guarantee your 100% satisfaction for one full month on the GeroVital Prescription Cream.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. T Radu Ph.D., Dr. G Ferru (University Professor), Dr. M. L. Ferru, Elizabeth Thomas Chief Beautician of GeroVital.

PS: Please notice that as the GeroVital Prescription is not sold in stores but only through Internet or Doctors, it is not pack in a box but in a distinguished organza pouch.

Packing GeroVital Prescription

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Regulators said on Friday they were reviewing the safety of Allergan Inc's (AGN.N:Botox) and a competing product after reports of deaths and serious reactions in some patients.

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