Mata Hari the spy, GeroVital the cosmetics of the stars !

The "Cosmétiques GeroVital" were selected for Super Production "Mata Hari" in France, Director Alain Tasma, by  chief make Up artist Marie-France Taulère. In discussing with the  Chief "esthéticienne" of GeroVital , Marie France told her that she is  extremely impressed by the Cosmétiques GeroVital. Actors need cream that reduce wrinkles and to firm their skins as the camera is without pity.  Marie france  is constantly approached by Cosmetics firms and she discovered the Cosmétiques GeroVital through her friendship with Elizabeth. " GeroVital Cosmétiques  are really different from other as we feel the firming work immediately" Elizabeth replied "This is normal , it is a real treatment as Dr. Ana Aslan developed her anti aging treatment through those creams first " -" personally I like the geroVital Plant for the  dry and normal skins while the very strong H3 is mostly for mature women, dry skins and climates". They both agree that because of their efficiency. the two lines of cosmetics  GeroVital were the best match for the Mata Hari actors.