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You have the unique possibility to taste the rarest, purest and best honey in the world; The Pitcairn Island Honey.

The Pitcairn Island Pure Honey is the:
Rarest: Pitcairn is an Island located 5000 miles of New Zealand in the South Pacific Ocean. 3 boats only per year send their tenders to this island with no port. It is inhabited by 48 descendants of the mythical  Bounty Mutineers (click on the picture on the left column). The total honey production is 1,000 jars/year.

Purest: Pitcairn is an ecological paradise with no industry, no pollution, no car , no road no industry and no airport. The bees separated from those of the "civilized word" have no disease and are not treated with medicines. They forage an array of wild bio tropical flowers such as  Mango, Guava, Lata and  Rose Apple flowers, which were never fertilized chemically.

Certificate Pitcairn
Pitcairn Certificate of Origin

Best: Logically this pollution free honey was voted best honey in the world by the French Epicurean Review and by Harvard University researcher Joshua Benton . Because of its purity the Pitcairn Islands honey is a natural healer for Stomach Ulcers, Sore Throat, Skin Ulcers, minor burns, infections and MRSA.

FROM ISLAND SAILING: The major activity of the islanders is collecting honey and this honey is claimed to be disease free pure honey that cannot be tasted anywhere else in the world. Because of this reason, the tourists are not allowed to bring any bee related items to the Pitcairn islands.

From Jean-Marie D. a French gastronome at reception this unsolicited testimony:" Merci c'est simplement sublime!" (Thanks its simply sublime!)

From the President of the French gastronomical press: "There is the Imperial Beluga caviar and there are Lump eggs, there is the Pitcairn Island honey and there are the other ones".

Order the Rare Pitcairn Honey

Order one or several 250 gr jar(sof the rarest purest and best hhoney in the world from the mythical Pitcairn Islands:

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One 250 (8.8 oz) Grams Jar of Pure Pitcairn Honey
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Pitcairn Island
Pitcairn Islands Location

Pitcairn Island Map

Pitcairn's Wild Flower

Pitcairn Islands Flower

   Pitcairn Islands Stamp Stamps
PitCairn bee Stamp 

Pure Honey harvested by PITCO (Pitcairn Honey Cooperative) in Pitcairn Islands

The HMS Bounty.



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OMLY 200 Jars Available


Pitcairn Pure Honey

Pitcairn Coat of Arms

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