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Ellagic Acid

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One Bottle = 120 tablets
1000 Mg
(the highest dosage)
2 Months Supply

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Usage Recommendations
2 tablets a day
Agressive treatment; 4 tablets/day

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1 pound of pure Ellagic Acid Powder
(4 months supply)

US $ 99 + S&H

Cancer is a terrible disease that strikes each year 0.5% of the world population (1.4 millions Americans in 2004. , with a high mortality rate. It is why Swiss-Drugstore™ will only offer scientifically Proved Cancer treatment and preventions.

It is proved medically, and endorsed American Cancer Society)by the study of Hollings Cancer Institute at the Medical University of South Carolina (D. Nixon MD), that the Ellagic Acid, coming from the Ellagitannins, stops the growth of cancer cells and is probably the more potent way to prevent cancer in persons with a generic prediposition for the disease. Click to see the studies.
Ellagic Acid is obtained when the HHDP (Ellagitannins) group is divided from the tannin molecule and spontaneously rearranges. The Meeker Red Raspberry seeds contains the most Ellagitannins and is thus the best source of Ellagic Acid. Our tablets are made of 1000 Mg. Extracts of Red Meeker Raspberries seeds from the the State of Washington. The regimen both for prevention and cure is two tablets a day continuously. Tablets made directly from Raspberries fruits and not from seeds are much cheaper and do not contain Elagitannins, therefore have zero efficiency to produce the Ellagic Acid as shown in the graph.
Ellagic Acid graph

Others studies from College of Medicine, University of Illinois Northwestern University School of Medicine Department of Preventive Medicine, Ohio State University, concurs that:
  • Cervical cancer Cells HPV (Human Papilloma Virus in contact with the Ellagic acid of red Raspberries showed apoptosis (Death Cell)
  • Ellagic Acid leads to G1 arrest of Cancer cells, therefore stopping or slowing the cancer cell division (Mitosis)
  • Ellagic acid  from the Meeker Red Raspberries avoid the destruction by cancer cells of the P53 gene, which is the safeguard of the cell Mutagenic activity. Ellagic acid inhibits mutagenesis and carcinogenesis through DNA masking.
  • Studies shows that the above applies to Breast, Pancreas, esophageal, Skin, colon and prostate cancer.
  • Ellagic acid is also a potent antioxidant and reduces heart diseases, birth defects, liver fibrosis and facilitate wound healing.
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Ellagic acid tablets:
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New !Available now also in cost saving powder !
One Pound ( 453 Grs) of 100% pure Red Meekeer Raspberry Ellagic Acid, equivalent to 4 months of supply, vacuum packed, may be used also in Drinks, recipes, etc. We provide a full scientific documentation on the efficiency of the Ellagic acid and many useful recipes.

1 Pound of 100% Pure Ellagic Acid only:  $99 ( 45% Savings ) + S & H

This product is dietary supplement FDA approved and is shipped from the USA. It is our experience that almost all other countries will accept it for import. In practice and in theory most countries allow the importation of even medicinal products anyway if for personal use. 

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