Prade (61) and GeroVital user

Wins the Seniors Race at the Cresta !

February 12, 2008

in St. Moritz

As you can see Cresta is tobogganing Head First on an Ice Run at 90 mph/150 Km/h. Skeleton is now an Olympic Sport.
The coveted "Seniors Race", created in 1951, could be considered as the world championship for over 50 years-old racers. This dangerous sport goes well with mature people as the last Olympic Champion was 39 years old. 
Prade is a constant user of GeroVital and declared:
"I am 61 years old and I am a senior for 11 years. I won this 3-run race because I used the Romanian GeroVital H3 tablets.  I improved my best season time from 48.55 to 45.27 seconds! It helped me to strengthen my muscles for the start and to have a very clear mind to select the best line on this 1 km. ice-run that we do three times. GeroVital is considered a vitamin-tonic and is not included in the ADA forbidden list."
48 riders from 5 continents raced in the "Senior Races". In recognition to its outstanding achievements J.N. Prade was later elected President of next year "Seniors Dinner".
Other champions use Gerovital like the Olympians Nadia Comaneci &  the incredible Ultra-Marathonian champions. GeroVital proves that it is the best known anti-aging treatment as demonstrated by Dr. Guy Ferru at the last congress of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Please download the GeroVital Scientific Studies
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