At 56, the GeroVital H3@ user wins 3 major Cresta races and does its best ever time of his life !

    The Cresta is a dangerous sport where competitors are going head first on a toboggan at 90 miles/150km/hour, on an icy run for a kilometer or a mile (from to) in St. Moritz. It was twice an Olympic discipline. Since 1969, Dr. J.N. Prade does it every year. In January 2003, at age 56, he was the captain of the American “Stars and Stripes team” in the most prestigious team race of the season, The Fairchild Mc Carthy Cup,  where betting is allowed (25 000 British pounds). The “Stars and Stripes” won over other 18 teams. Dr. Prade surprised everybody in being the best of his team but also individually finishing fifth overall among 76 participants.

    The next Sunday was the famous Cartier “Silver Chip trophy”,  Prade entered the race with no great ambitions, thinking that he had reached previously his peak. To the astonishment of the participants and the dense public, he won the race beating 75 other competitors. Moreover, he did twice (as there are three runs) his "best ever time" improving it  by .68 second, which is considered huge. It  generated the loud traditional ”hello hello” in the Engadine valley! Prade was astonished to hear that he also broke the coveted barrier of 45 seconds. (44.77).

UPDATE ! On February 5th from the most dangerous "Top start",  Dr. Prade did it again in winning the Georges Prade Cup, which bears his family name. He declared to the Gerovital Report Journalist: "This is the best day of my life, I am sure that my father in the sky is proud of the family tradition. THANK YOU GEROVITAL !  A week later arriving directly  from Italy, Dr Prade saga continued as he  establishing his three best ever times from "top", reaching 57.75 a whopping improvement of 1.25 second. established eleven years years ago with the same material. His son Arnaud, a  27 year old athlete gradsuated ftrom Cornell University, said "He beats me at his age,  it is "disgusting" but congrats to GeroVital it is  really super-efficient"

   Dr Prade declared. “ I started to take my GeroVital H3® from Zalmoxian Products tablets a month ago. I do not understand what is happening as I damaged badly my foot the night before the Cartier in dancing… GeroVital had two effects: one physical (who have heard of a record with a broken foot at my age?) and one  mental as those tough competitions are won also on lucidity and reflexes. I was originally slightly doubtful about the GeroVital H3 dietary supplement, but, with absolutely no side effect, I notice that my muscles are stronger, that I run faster and that my mind is very clear and sharp. It helps me on my professional life as i stay focused and is no more tired. I strongly recommend it, thanks Dr. Aslan“

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