Composition: Apilarnil (atomized drone larva) 0,070g, Propolis 0,160g, Pollen 0,060g

30 capsules -100% natural Bee components  Recommended usage 1 capsule a day

    This is 100% natural formula (Romania was called by the Greeks the Land of the bees). This formula is a Biostimulator indicated in asthenia, malnutrition conditions, convalescence, physical and mental over-exertion, late puberty, menopause and andropause disturbances, gastric and duodenal ulcer.

    Scientific Action: Apilarnil contains a complex of natural substances (Proteins including amino acid, glucide, lipid, mineral substances, oligo elements, Riboflavin, etc.)  It is a proven natural antiseptic, anti viral, fungicide, immunisator and stimulator agent. When combined with Propolis it modifies the biologic BRM. It has because of this extraordinary combination of active ingredients from the bees a wide spectrum of action as it benefit the cardiovascular and respiratory system, increase metabolism and has an action on sexual hormones. Because of it action with Pollen on the digestive system it is also efficient for Anorexia (ATP).

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