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About Zalmoxis

We are dedicated scientific researchers, which combine the ultimate anti-aging technologies with the traditional and powerful healing power of totally natural products. This holistic approach is unique as we offer injections and and tablets of the famous anti aging Gerovital GH3 treatment of Dr. Aslan along with Pure Pollen, Propolis and Royal Jelly from the Carpathian mountain bees.

Our approach and name are inspired by Zalmoxis. The Zamolxian religion was the first monotheist one on earth, before Zarathustra and Moses. It reached a high level of spirituality and had an important naturist component, which developed the knowledge of natural active principles and medicinal herbs. "Dacoromanian Sihastri" (hermits) have kept for more than three millenniums this approach. Classic Greek author Plato in the "Charmide" mentioned Zalmoxis beliefs of a holistic approach to treat and cure diseases. Spirit and natural products should be combined to succeed. For many XXI century Doctors, Zalmoxis was the creator of the psychosomatic medicine.

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